Healing Sound Bath with Alexander Tuttle

UpcomingHealing Sound Bath with Alexander Tuttle

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  • Sound Bath with Alexander Tuttle
    September 21, 2019
    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Healing Sound Bath
with Alexander Tuttle
Date: September 21, 2019
Time: 1-3pm
Where: Studio 203 Main Campus
Free | Donations welcome

Registration Encouraged, but not required.

Alexander’s Sound Journey Through The Chakras and Subtle Energy talk. Bring your yoga mat, blanket, pillow, etc. for your comfort. Chairs will be available.

In this experiential group sound meditation, Alexander creates sound with crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Native American flute, tingshas, didgeridoo, sitar, chimes, bells, gong, drums, vocal toning, vocables, etc. in a stimulating and supportive manner to support the nine major energy centers as you sit or lie down in a relaxed and comfortable position.
* You don’t have to have an understanding of the chakras or energy to benefit from this sound journey. Just come, relax, and let the sounds take you away. These sounds reverberate through your whole body as the group sits or lies down with their eyes closed in a relaxing meditative manner.

Alexander directs these stirring, releasing, and calming sounds in a variety of ways. Focusing on the 7 main chakra system plus one above the head and one below the feet. Alexander directs these sounds up their order, sometimes down their order, and some sessions are random with no order, which is determined intuitively from group to group.

These 3 different ways of experiencing sound are intended to bring these energy centers in alignment, releasing stuck energy, restoring equilibrium and installing a feeling of truly being in the present moment within a 45 to 50-minute time frame, with a brief introduction in the beginning to explain the sound journey.

Before this energy center alignment or sound meditation, Alexander will open the floor and gently begin a gentle discussion/Q & A around topics such as your Sound Journey experience, Chakras or Subtle Energy, Sound/Vibration, Conscious Communication, Subtle Energy in Relationships, Self Exploration, Wellness and how all these subjects are so interconnected.

These topics are intended to be energetic-based and do not interfere with anyone’s religious or spiritual beliefs, but include how we affect each other and our surroundings from a vibrational or energetic perspective.

Our body is a musical instrument. When the instrument is not tuned properly, a state of dis-ease or imbalance occurs. Each cell in our body is genetically programmed to maintain its own health and well-being. During our life, many emotional, mental, spiritual, and environmental factors interfere with this state.

The sound and vibrations emanating from the crystal singing bowls and other instruments help re-tune the listener’s body, initially by opening, clearing, and re-balancing each chakra. It has been established that each of these chakras or energy centers are associated with a musical note or vibrational frequency, as well as emotions and reflect imbalances in our life.

Rekindle the love for yourself, and for one another, in a peaceful, quite setting, with our host, Alexander Tuttle.

Alexander is a philosopher, sound healer, life/strategy coach,
Human Design/birth chart analysis consultant, workshop facilitator/teacher, energy worker, philosopher, and perpetual student of this ever-evolving, Beautiful Life Experience. It’s all vibration, right, and it’s all connected!

He holds certification in Sound Healing and Psychoacoustics from The Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco, CA, as well as certifications in multiple other subtle energy techniques and methods.
He has studied with various teachers with interests ranging from ancient shamanistic sound healing/energy techniques to modern-day scientific approaches to sound/energy modalities.

www.vibrotune.com or Podcast at www.wise-whys.com for more info on Alexander

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